The Reunion: Paine's POV

The Celsius had just made a harsh landing in the shallow waters near the beach of Besaid at Yuna’s command, and I witnessed a reunion of two matched souls. I knew who the guy was, in a way, but I still had not heard the full story. I knew that he had been one of Yuna’s guardians when she went to stop Sin, and that he had disappeared after the battle, but for what reason, I did not know. Rikku had been willing to tell me some of the story, but not much…

After Yuna’s arrival onboard the Celsius, I became very curious as to why the High Summoner had chosen to become a Sphere Hunter. We were the same age, yet while I had been part of an elite squadron for a time and had since done nothing extraordinary, Yuna and her guardians had saved the planet from Sin’s terror, wiping him off the planet for good. So of course I had great respect for her, and also wondered why she was onboard. I mean, she could have a luxurious mansion and slaves with a snap of a finger.

After the introductions were done and Yuna had headed to the cabin to sleep (it was the middle of the night after all), I drew Rikku aside into the elevator. I stood in front of the controls to make sure she could not leave.

“So… why is Yuna here? Does she just want to be a Sphere Hunter, or is there something else?” I asked, trying to keep a nuetral tone. Rikku looked a little taken aback by the question, and she looked around nervously before answering, even though we were alone on an elevator.

“Well… I can only tell you a little of the story… I mean it’s Yuna’s business after all,” Rikku said, pausing as if to consider what to say next. I waited expectantly, eager to hear the story, though I kept a passive look on my face.

“See, one of Yuna’s guardians, well… she’s looking for him,” Rikku explained.

“Oh… boyfriend?” I almost smiled, but then thought back to what Rikku had said. If Yuna was looking for this guardian/boyfriend, that meant that… Rikku saw the look on my face as realization dawned and nodded, a sad look on her face.

“Look… I can’t say much… I mean, you don’t really know Yuna yet, and she’ll tell you if she wants you to know. But Tidus… well, we really just don’t know what happened to him,” Rikku turned away quickly, hiding tears, and now I felt a little abashed at having hit such a sore nerve.

I’d heard Tidus’ name before when people had spoken of Yuna’s guardians, and the rumors that he was from Zanarkand and a Blitzer to boot, but not much more than that. Obviously this Tidus had been a great guardian as well as friend, and Yuna’s boyfriend. I was dumbfounded as to what to say, but Rikku spoke up before I could. She turned back to me and smiled, almost back to her perky self.

“Well, Paine, ya don’t have to worry about it, ‘cause with the Gullwings on the job, we’ll have him back in no time! Oooh and of course lot’s of Spheres!!” Rikku threw me a high five and I smiled back at her, inwardly adding a couple of points to Rikku’s tally.

So here I was, watching the reunion of Yuna and Tidus, forgetting the question of how the guy had gotten to Besaid at the sight of Yuna’s joy and the crowd gathering on the beach. Nor did I notice Tidus’ startling resemblance to Shuyin until some time later.

Only after the crowd had surrounded Yuna, Tidus and Rikku did I head towards the beach myself. I walked over to the docks and sat on the edge, content to watch the ocean while listening to the sounds of celebration behind me.

Sin and Vegnagun are both gone for good, the three warring powers of the world have dispersed, and Yuna and her love have been reunited… Yes, I think it is going to be a wonderful day here on Spira.

“Paine?” Yuna’s voice startled me out of my thoughts, and I stood up and turned around. Yuna stood with Tidus, hand and hand, huge smiles on both their faces.

“Paine, I’d like you to meet Tidus. Tidus, this is my good friend Paine,” Yuna said, and Tidus came forward to shake my hand.

“I hope I’ll be able to get to know you better, Paine, ‘cause it looks like I’ve missed a lot here…” Tidus said good-heartedly, and I couldn’t resist smiling back at him.

If I remember correctly, he’s been missing for… two years? Wow. He has missed a lot.

“So why don’t you join us Paine? This thing’s turning into an all out party!” Yuna said, laughing as two kids practically flew on by them, chasing each other.

“Hey part-poopers! Get your butts over here! This is a paaaart-ay!” Rikku yelled from over near the fire. She stood next to Wakka and Lulu, and Wakka was yelling for them to ‘get their butts in gear’.

I laughed with the rest and followed Yuna and Tidus back to the campfire and joined the party, quickly forgetting all other troubles I might have had.

Yes, today is a wonderful day…