Short Stories

Here you'll find my original short stories; all of these were written a few years ago (I haven't written much since I've been in college for the past 3 semesters :P ). Anyway, I hope to have another short story or two posted sometime in the future. Hope you enjoy!

Ace of Hearts A word challenge fic; had to include the words ace, penny, and rose. Very short fic about the creulty of fate
Bigger Than Life A cute short story about a world whose aging process is reversed... can you imagine an adult in diapers?
Blue Satin The emotional tale of a young girl who must cope with her mother's death
Good Samaritan Guardian Angels don't always save people from life or death situations...
Her Smiling Eyes A woman finds her religion in a small chapel
Irony The irony of life as told through the thoughts of a bitter old woman
New Beginning One of my longer short stories; a cute romance about two people who are a match truly made in heaven
Pinetrees and Memories A short vingrette about a young woman at her father's funeral; another challenge fic
Shadowlover A novellete about the sweet embrace of death on a young naive girl.
Tick-Tock A funny short story about life; warning: funky ending!
With a Smile Another challenge fic; a woman makes an important decision about her life


Note: Please do not use these stories without my permission. For permission, ask through the Feedback button. Thanks!