The Quistis Files Ch. 4: Detention

Quistis watched as the studentsmilled around her, occasionally giving her odd glances when they thought she wasn’t looking as she walked by. This was one of the fallbacks of being demoted to SeeD class. The Trepie group had fallen to shambles as they heard the news and had immediately set about rallying and protesting to Headmaster Cid despite protests from Quistis herself.

This wouldn’t be so bad if everyone would stop acting like I’m some clown, trying to give me sympathy as if I went from royalty to peasantry. I tried my best...

Quistis angrily shook her head at nobody and hurried to the elevator. She pressed the button for the third floor, and stood impatiently, tapping her foot as the elevator door slowly open. Even more annoyed than before, she angrily stomped into the elevator, and slammed her fingers onto the buttons for up. As she waited for the maniacal machine to start working, the sounds of shouting drifted through the open doors.

What could be going on out there? As the shouting became louder and closer, she drew her whip and stepped off of the elevator, all of her earlier anger vanished. She could see three people running up the hall from the library area, followed closely by one of the school attendants that normally watched the students in detention.

What the? Students running away from their detention?

Just as she stepped forward to assist the teacher, the students came clearly into view. Seifer, Fujinn, and Rajinn, all of them heading for the front gate in a hurry.

What are they up to today? Quistis hurried down the stairs, the agitating elevator forgotten, and stood in front of the directory.

"Seifer! Where do you think you're going?" Seifer slid to a stop almost directly in front of him, and the rest of his posse barely managed to avoid colliding with him.

"To Timber to make sure Squall finishes his job." Seifer started to move past her, but she grabbed his arm and held it firmly.

"What do you mean make sure Squall does his job? He is a qualified SeeD unlike you and you have no authority to leave the Garden." He twisted out of her grip and began heading towards the front gate, his posse following behind him.

What the hell is he thinking? Squall's current mission is to aid the Timber Owls in any way he can to liberate Timber from the rule of Galbadia... what the does Seifer think he can do? Squall will finish the job surely and safely by himself. He doesn’t need any help beyond his two companions... Seifer is definitely up to something... Perhaps I'd better find out.

"Try to stop me." Her temper rising again, Quistis gave a sympathetic glace to the teacher and ran to catch up with Seifer and his gang.

"Try to stop me from going with you." Quistis said in a cool icy tone. Seifer eyed her suspiciously for a moment, then nodded.

"Okay, Instructor. To Timber."

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