A golden haired child

walks alone down the streets

innocent and helpless

unaware of the shadow

that follows with ease.

She turns and sees him

That beautiful skin and pale face

the feeling of peace

And the smile on his face.

His dark clothing,

veiled in shadows

She takes a step forward,

light sound from her tiny shoes.

Echoing on the cobblestone.

He comes to her,

embracing her.

Her hair against his face

Golden curls

Bright and luminous

He smiles again

Feeling the beat of her heart

She sleeps in his arms.

The arms of death

this one she hugs so tightly

his new little one

to be brought with him

into the shadow

a great darkness to cover the light.

The embrace of the shadow lover

can never be fought

it is best to give into his demand

his smile, his invitation

they are hard to refuse.

Beware the shadow lover.