Fanficcer's Emporium

8/5/2005: Hi there. Here is a small update, with more to come (hopefully). Check out my new blog!

12/8/2004:Hey there! Well, I am officially done classes for the semester, so you know what that means! FINALS! Anyway, I prob. won't be online too much during the winter (ie, more updates in February, lol) but I will be working on new stories, poems, etc. So, wish me luck, and I'll be back in 2 months!

11/13/2004: Started the new page, Random Stuff of the Week! Since I'm majoring in Neuroscience, this weeks random stuff is a basic biology tutorial. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Also, added a new short story... check it out!

11/12/2004: I've finally managed to convert to frames. I'll be doing some tweaking over the next couple of weeks, adding a link for a non-frames version of the page, and hopefully updating with some more poems. Check back soon!

11/10/2004: Alright, 30 poems up now... only 20 more to go! Also, all of the fanfiction links are now fixed, so please, enjoy!

11/6/2004: Hey there! I'm putting up separate pages for all of the poems... finally you won't be scrolling through a 100 page long webpage. I've only got 15 poems up so far... 35 more to go, so keep on checking back! Also, I've fixed the links to the fanfiction pages... enjoy!

What You'll Find Here: original short stories, poetry, and fanfiction from Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X-2, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, and The Vampire Chronicles