Green Saber: Star Wars Fanfiction (Jedi Apprentice); large selection and good variety; however, this website has not been updated in a couple of years.

Final Fantasy Alpha: Final Fantasy Fanfiction of all varieties, and I mean all varieties! Also, updated frequently. Fanfiction for everything, I'm serious! Categories include anime, video games, books, movies, television shows, and much much more; updated several times a day.

Final Fantasy Source: Final Fantasy game information. Very extensive, and updated often.

Emuparadise: Excellent website all about Chrono Trigger

Chockboard's Suikoden II page: an excellent website about Suikoden II (fan made); very large amount of information here! Info on all games, and I mean all games on all platforms. Includes walkthroughs, reviews, previews, cheats, saves, and much more

Artist Corner: Cool place to put your stories and get reviews; an online community

Ribs Cage: Writing Central! Another good online community for people who want their writing to be reviewed by other writers

Stories Mania: Another cool place to get reviews; very nice site to publish your work for the first time

Free Fever Graphics: A very LARGE variety of graphics (free for use on websites), both 3d, animated, and 2d

Rinnan Net: Many backgrounds, themes, ICQ Skins, etc. at this cool website

Theme World: Title says it all

Visual Paradox: GREAT 3d backgrounds; updated often, also hosts guest wallpapers and themes