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8/5/2005: Hi there. I've got one little update to tide you over... a new blog! Check it out!

5/28/2005: Wow has it been a while since I've posted here. Anyway, I've been busy with college for the past two years and have obviously not been able to update this site in a while. I'm hoping to get the internet back at home (yes, we don't have the internet lol) so that I can post a few new things. Hope to post back here soon!

11/10/2004: Alright, 30 poems up now... only 20 more to go! Also, all of the fanfiction links are now fixed, so please, enjoy!

11/6/2004: Hey there! I'm putting up separate pages for all of the poems... finally you won't be scrolling through a 100 page long webpage. I've only got 15 poems up so far... 35 more to go, so keep on checking back! Also, I've fixed the links to the fanfiction pages... enjoy!

11/3/2004: It's Election Day! I hope all of you that are old enough are out there voting today~! Well, had a little problem with the pics I put up. Forgot to upload them to the server, so they'll be back up later today. Hoping to fix a lot of the little problems as well. So, check back later!

10/25/2004: Hey there. Funny thing happened... I was trying to update the site one night, and I accidentily deleted it. Don't ask how, cause I really don't know. Anyway, everything should be back up soon :-)

What You'll Find Here: original short stories, poetry, fanfiction from various video games and books, and hopefully more in the future :-P

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