Cafeteria Encounter

Squall looked around the Garden cafeteria, and sighed, spotting one of his ‘fellow’ comrades Zell stuffing yet another hotdog into the gaping maw he called a face. He hid his laugh under one gloved hand as Zell began choking on his oversized mouthful and was backslapped by the nameless “library girl” in an effort to release the huge amounts of food in his throat. Zell coughed, spitting out the food onto the student sitting across from him, who unfortunately was Seifer. Enraged, Seifer jumped to his feet, trying to shake off the remains of Zell’s lunch, which had become lodged onto his trench coat.

“Hey punk, look at this crap you got on my trench coat! You ugly tattooed freak!” Seifer, fully enraged now, pulled his gunblade free from its sheath and held it before him. Zell crouched into fighter’s stance, and the other students scrambled to get out of the way. Fujinn stepped forward and put a restraining hand on Seifers shoulder, motioning towards the crowd gathered around them.

“STOP. TROUBLE. DETENTION.” Raijin, standing behind her, gasped as Fujinn smirked, but the smile disappeared before he could remark on it. Siefer looked back at her for a moment, then gruffly stepped forward, releasing her of her grip on him.

“This little punk got crap all over my trench. He’s going to pay. I’m going to carve that stupid tattoo right off your face…”Siefer characteristically loaded the gunblade, then pointed it steadily at Zell, who crouched lower, ready to strike as the library girl screeched and ducked behind him.

Finally able to sit and watch any longer, Squall stood up and pulled out his gunblade and stepped in front of Zell all in one swift motion. Seifer looked surprised for a moment, then resumed his normal expression.

“How unlike you, Squall to defend that little Chicken Wuss. Well. Looks like I’m going to be late for class. If you’ll excuse me, gentlemen?” Seifer and his posse left the cafeteria in a dead silence. Zell gave a sigh of relief, then looked at Squall. And offered out his hand.

“Thanks man. Looks like we were about to have it out right here. Zell Dnicht. You’re that Squall guy that everyone’s always talking about, right?”

He ginned enthusiastically, then frowned a little when Squall didn’t shake his preferred hand. Squall re-sheathed his sword, and suddenly the commotion was back in the cafeteria. The small crowd that had gathered finally dispersed, leaving Squall, Zell, and the terrified library girl.

“Man, you wouldn’t believe how the girls in this school talk about you! Squall this, Squall that.. you’re lucky man. How do you do it?”

Squall didn’t answer, but merely nodded politely at the library girl as she proceeded to elbow Zell in the stomach, doubling him over. Squall took that as his cue to leave and grabbed his tray, heading for the exit.

As he walked towards his dorm, he thought about the upcoming SeeD test, and decided to make a detour towards the training center…