Bigger Than Life

The stars were out in the sky, stretched across the horizon as if there was a great god sleeping on earth who had suddenly gotten cold, and pulled the great blanket of stars closer to get warmer. The stars were out, and Joe was very, very, hungry. He looked about for his father and could not find him anywhere in his large apartment, its every nook and cranny stocked full of toys, most of them broken or thrown about in tiny little pieces and parts. Where was his daddy? He was ever so hungry...

He crawled across the blue carpeted floor and looked into the small room that his dad usually kept locked, the one he was always scolded for when he went into.

"Daddy? Daddy Iím hungwy." He said as loud as he could, hoping that his daddy would hear him and come out of the small little room. After his daddy didnít reply, he did the only other thing he could think of: he cried.

"Waaahhhh!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs for a few minutes, heard a sigh from the other side of the door, and heard the rustling of papers and boots. Finally the door opened, and his daddy stood there, wearing, as usual, nothing but diaper and tie and the tiny hairs on his mostly bald head.

"What do you want son? Your father is very busy right now." His daddy sighed and smoothed back his few hairs with a pudgy arm. Joe remembered the last time his daddy had taken him somewhere. They had driven far away, and when they got to the place, the people were shocked and stared at Joe and his daddy as if they were both crazy.

"What is this? A grown man crawling on the ground and a baby talking like an adult?" Someone had shouted that briefly before passing out. What did that mean? Joe had no idea. He didnít see anything odd about his daddy. His daddy had always been a small pudgy person with few hairs, and unlike Joe, was not potty trained and still had to wear a diaper. But Joe didnít find this astonishing. It was just normal life for the citizens of Block AA125.

"Daddy Iím hungwy!" He shouted, then quieted, realizing that his daddy hated it when he shouted, since his voice was much louder and deeper sounding then his daddies. His daddy looked at him for a moment with cold dead eyes, but brightened just a bit before speaking.

"Okay. I'll be right back with a bottle for you." His daddy took the small metal key from a notch in his diaper, stretched on his toes to reach the keyhole, and locked the door before heading to the enlarged kitchen to prepare a bottle.

Joe crawled over to a corner and picked up a few pieces of his new Lego model kit, then tried to jam them together so that they would look like the picture on the package. And as usual, he failed. Somehow he ended up creating a cross between a rabbit and a donkey, and his daddy found him sobbing in the corner when he came back with his bottle.

"Oh son, let me do that for you. Here." His daddy sat down on the ground near him and tossed him the bottle, then took apart Joe's creation and began working on it while Joe sucked eagerly on the bottle and grinned at the taste of fresh milk.

"Tank you daddy." He said happily. His father glanced at him and scowled as he noticed the bit of milk that had dribbled down his sons face, and then realized that there was a significant amount of stubble growing on his face as well, but turned back to assembling the pieces together.

"Here." His daddy said, gruffly tossing him the finished contraption. He looked at it, amazed, then immediately began playing with it, rolling it across the floor and testing how many times he could toss it into a wall before it would break. He didnít notice when his daddy left the room, but looked up and cringe when his daddy returned with something he had called a "shaver" and "gel" in hand.

"Nooo! Waaah! I donít wanna!" He said, sobbing as his daddy neared him, shaver in hand. He remembered what had happened the last time his daddy had "shaved" him. He had ended up with little cuts all over his face that had stung for a week. He scooted back on the carpet, bumping into a table and knocking a book onto the floor.'

"Sit still!" His daddy commanded in his squeaky and soft yet commanding tone. He sat still, too frightened to move as his father began applying the gel. Soon the shaver followed, but surprisingly, he managed not to receive any cuts. His daddy wiped his fat hands off on a paper towel, then turned stiffly and went back into his office without another word, leaving Joe to play with his toys once again.

I wonder why the people were all scared and s'uff. Oh well... I wonder what'll happen if I throw this out the window...?