You said you loved me and I believed you,

then you took my heart away.

I can not forgive you for what you did.

you ripped my heart out and stomped it to the ground.

I picked up the pieces but they just wouldnít fit together.

So years later you come back.

I look at you and laugh

youíve broken my heart once you wonít do it again.

I turn my back and walk away

from all the pain and sorrow.

You call out to me,

you tell me youíve changed but people donít change that quick.

You plead that you have.

I look at you I reach out and rip your heart out,

I stomp it to the ground.

I walk away from your broken heart.

Now you have changed,

you now feel the same way I did,

you now suffer from pain from a broken heart.

Iíll never come back to a broken heart.