I close my eyes and wonder why,

why Iím still here,

here on this earth

living, breathing.

As the minutes go by

I sit and wonder why.

In my dark, confined room

I lay and wonder.

My mind goes around and around,

I get dizzy then I fall to the floor.

The room is spinning and I canít remember where I am.

I try to sit up but I wonít budge.

I reach for my knife

slowly bring it to my throat

gently push it against my neck

and I see the blood dripping down my naked body.

the air is getting thinner

itís hard to breath

My eyes growing heavier and heavier

they slowly begin to close as the end

grows nearer and nearer.

I hear a scream

but I canít move.

I then see a light but canít move to it.

I feel warm hands as my naked body begins to move up.

Iím lying in a bed my eyes begin to open,

I can hear people begin to cry for happiness.

I am alive.