Death is another way of living.

Hell is a place for death,

Heaven is a place to live.You are dying when you are living.

To die is to live,

to live is to die.

Life is an experiment,

that god is experimenting.

The chance to experiment,

is a chance you cannot make.

Death is easy,

but it is infinity.

Life is hard,

yet so short.

Donít waste your life,

death will come so fast.

Make life worth living for,

do all things, go all places,

Remember, do not waste life.

ife is hard to come by.

One day you have it,

then the next day you do not.


small, dark, and alone.


big, bright, and not so alone.

Instead of wanting what you canít have,

it's time to start wanting what you have.

You canít sit back and wait,

you have to get up and start living.

Death is Death.

Life is Life.

Take advantage of life.

Living, it might be your only chance.