Last Chance

I feel like thereís nobody,

nobody but me.

I have nobody,

there is nobody else but me.

I am all alone.

Then I wonder,

wonder about all the people

who left me in the dark.

Than I see a light.

I hear a voice.

Itís calling me,

telling me itís time.

I go to ward it

not knowing whatís happening.

It shows me all my pain

my whole life as I saw it would happen.

It then shows me my life in the positive light.

I tell it I want another chance.

There are no other chances.

It tells me I made my last chance.

Then it shows me my wrists,
I have sliced them open.

Nobody has left me,

I have left them.

All the people who loved me and cared for me.

I scream for another chance

knowing that I donít have one.

I go toward the light and awake

lying in a dark room.

I see people, I scream out to them,

but they donít hear me.

It looks like a funeral.

Thereís a coffin in the front

with a girl lying in it.

I go up to it and look inside.

I see me.

That was my last chance.