As I sit here crying my eyes out

I sit here and think.

Think about my life

and all my problems.

I want the pain to go away.

There is no answer,

the only answer is death.

Death, I think about what life

would be like without me in it,

but I canít.

I promised someone I love I wouldnít

take the easy way out.

So far I havenít .

I guess I really love this person.

I sit here with the choice to live or to die.

I pick to live.

It is not easy to live but I know

that death will only make things complicated.

In the dark with my thoughts,

I lye on my bed thinking.

I think of myself and how much

I would love to end my life.

There are so many people in my life

I love and they love me.

I love the pain I give myself.

I put the knife to my neck,

I start to slide it across my neck,

but then I stop and think of my love.

I put the knife down and lie on my bed

crying , crying for someone

to take all the pain away.

There is nobody or nothing that can but myself.

myself, only myself.