AS I walk down the path

it begins to go in another direction just like my life.

I have to make a choice yet not

really knowing which one to take.

Thereís the north,

nobody takes it, it leads to happiness and joy.

Thereís the south,

strong and daring,

thorns, trees , and bushes.

So many take this path yet almost never succeed.

I choose the west.

Where does it go?

What happens in the west?

I go toward it not knowing what to expect.

I take a step, nothing.

I keep walking on the long dark path

it seems like itís going nowhere,

then I see a light

I reach out to it, but I canít reach it.

I walk a little father, nothing,

I look around then I take a step.

I fall, Iím falling,

down, down, down

it seems like Iíll never stop

then I stop, I hear a voice

the voice is calling me

telling me to get up.

I open my eyes

it was all a dream, or was it?

My breath is getting shorter, Iím scared.

I hear my dad saying 70 feet.

Why was she there?

I remember the cabin, the woods.

Oh God, the cliff at the end.

But why did I jump?

Thereís so many paths of life

and I chose west.